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A Company That Works for You.

Our Working Method

  1. Contact Us: Via email or phone to set up a site inspection and estimate.
  2. Inspection: One of our qualified staff will come to you and assess what needs to be done. They will outline information, techniques and products that would be most environmentally friendly.
  3. Estimate: After the initial site inspection it can then be determined if an estimate will be provided to suit your specific needs.
  4. Planning: With an estimate in place we can then determine scheduling time and final completion ensuring that all components and work to be performed are clearly understood by both parties.
  5. Last Inspection: During the project, every effort will be made to ensure that guidelines set forth in the estimate and all its" components are clearly understood by both parties.
  6. Completion: Upon completion of the project a site meeting will be organized to finalize and close all aspects of the initial agreement.